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Official opening ceremony of the Bertschi Zhangjiagang Liquids Hub in China: a best-in-class one-stop-shop for chemical logistics

Bertschi Group, a Swiss multinational logistics service provider, proudly announces the successful opening ceremony of its Zhangjiagang Liquids Chemical Hub. The event took place on July 5th and 6th and was attended by high-ranked government representatives and over 250 esteemed customers. The new Hub in the heart of the Yangtze River Delta is considered as having one of the highest standards in terms of safety and sustainability among chemical logistics centers in China; and marks a major milestone in Bertschi’s company history.

After a total project duration of 6 years, overcoming numerous challenges, including the unexpected outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the festivities surrounding the official opening were well deserved by all involved. With the Hub already operational since the beginning of the year, the ceremony was a great opportunity to demonstrate to customers the impressive infrastructure and service offering of this unique logistic center.

Value-added service portfolio for dangerous chemical products
The Hub is a modern and safe dangerous goods facility with a capacity of 50,000 tons storage and over 500,000 tons annual throughput capacity of wide-ranging chemical products. It is characterized by an Isotank-Farm with the capacity to store up to 1,100 laden dangerous goods tank containers, as well as three warehouses with a total capacity of 25,000 pallets of various dangerous goods classes. An automated drumming line system ensures highest productivity in filling drums and IBCs. With advanced container heating and cooling capabilities including steam, warm water, electrical heating, and electrical cooling, the Hub provides a wide range of value-added services to chemical industry customers.

Strategically ideal location on the Yangtze River Delta
Situated in the thriving Yangtze River International Chemical Industry Park next to the Free Trade Zone in Zhangjiagang, the Hub benefits from a strategic location in one of the most dynamic economic regions of China. Its location at the Yangtze River also ensures seamless connectivity to global transportation networks and an efficient distribution of chemical products across China and beyond. “The Hub ideally complements Bertschi's global logistics network and enables worldwide door-to-door supply chain solutions, supporting our customers in their rapid expansion plans in China and across Asia” explains Jan Arnet, CEO of the Bertschi Group.

The container yard is open to the tank containers of all operators; this allows chemical producers to add the Container-Farm in their IT systems as a sustainable Yangtze Delta entry Hub for product storage in Isotanks across all logistics service providers.

The new chemical logistics Hub is in vicinity of Zhangjiagang Port with daily direct container feeder vessels to Shanghai Port at 150 kilometers distance, as well as direct vessel connections to Korea and Japan. This location allows the Hub to support the political goal of shifting the road transit of dangerous goods between Shanghai Port and the hinterland to waterways, bypassing the roads of the 25 million population of the Shanghai urban area. With this modal shift, transport safety and sustainability can be improved and negative impacts on the environment minimized.
Celebrating success with a grand opening ceremony

The opening ceremony of the Zhangjiagang Liquids Hub signifies a remarkable milestone in Bertschi's company history. “The facility represents the largest single investment in our company’s history. It signals our solid commitment to the growth and success of our global customer base in China,” states Hans-Jörg Bertschi, Executive Chairman of the Bertschi Group. The two-day event exemplified Bertschi's dedication to delivering unparalleled customer experience. With the presence of the Shanghai Consul General Mr. Sacha Bachmann, Secretary of Zhangjiagang Municipal Party Committee Mr. Han, Standing member of Zhangjiagang Municipal Party Committee Mr. Lu, Vice Mayor of Zhangjiagang Municipal Government Ms. Weng, esteemed customers, and the Bertschi Group and Bertschi China management teams, the celebration allowed to underline Bertschi's global reach and commitment to serving the Chinese market.
As the Zhangjiagang Liquids Hub enters an exciting new phase, Bertschi continues its relentless pursuit of providing robust, sustainable and efficient supply chain services to the chemical industry. The Hub's advanced infrastructure, strategic location, commitment to safety and sustainability, and cutting-edge technology position it as a frontrunner in chemical logistics, catering to the evolving needs of customers.
July 19, 2023


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