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Dinges Logistics starts operation of new painting system

Recently, the workshop team of Dinges Logistics was eventually able to complete the new painting system after thorough preparation and installation work and already put it into operation. The plant is very modern and, thanks to its high technological standards, not only creates ideal conditions for precise painting work, but also offers other advantages.
The new painting system is perfect for painting large parts. With a length of 16 meters and a height and width of five meters each, it offers the optimum internal dimensions for painting work on tractor units. The system meets the safety requirements of DIN EN 16985, the standard for painting booths for organic coating materials, and incorporates various safety systems. In addition, the system is equipped with automatic booth pressure control during all operating phases. The system is controlled via an electrical control cabinet containing an special control panel with a touchscreen display, which can be used to make important settings and also access a wide range of information.
Excellent prerequisites for painting work are created, among other factors, by the painting system ensuring ideal ventilation conditions in various phases of the painting process, which guarantees, to name a few, total exhaust air in the painting phase and optimum recirculated air in the drying operation. The latter reduces drying times, ensures a homogeneous result and also saves energy. With regard to the energy consumption of the system, another positive feature is the "Follow Me" mode, which assures intelligent use of energy in terms of air distribution and lighting, so that the air flow is directed to the area where the person operating the system is located. The lighting can also be controlled using the mode to reduce it to the area where the operator is working, while ensuring perfect color reproduction.
Thanks to the investment in the painting system, the painting work, which is part of the service portfolio of the workshop of Dinges Logistics, can be carried out in the best possible way. "We attach great importance to investing in modern technologies and solutions because in doing so we are also investing in the future viability of our company. Overall, we want to continuously improve ourselves and optimize our performance. We have identified a certain potential for improvement in this area and for this reason decided to take this step," explains Ingo Dinges, Owner and Managing Director of Dinges Logistics.
July 19, 2023


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