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South Africa’s premier depot

TCS Natal shares with Tankcontainer Magazine its journey from start-up to its position as the leading South African tank container depot and cleaning station

TCM: What is Tanker Cleaning Services (TCS) Natal’s background and ownership?
TCS: TCS Natal started in 1998 with a single owner, Henk Grove, and five employees. He had two young sons and wanted to provide an opportunity for them in the future. TCS began with road tankers and started storing and washing a small number of tank containers in 2003. By 2012, we were servicing 450 tank containers a month.
In 2015 Henk’s two sons, Franscious and Nickolaai, decided it was time to expand what their father had bestowed upon them and grew TCS Natal’s servicing to over 1,000 tank containers a month.

TCM: What are TCS’s service capabilities?
TCS: We wash chemical and food grade tank containers, undertake cosmetic and major refurbishments, import and export tank preps, wash road tankers and undertake pitting repairs and mandatory 2½-year and 5-year periodic testing. Our work includes repairs to cladding, walkways, frames, barrels, work on bursting disks and dipstick fitments.

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December 14, 2020


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