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Enter the dragon

Dalian CRRC is one Chinese tank container manufacturer whose name looks set to become increasingly familiar

Despite supplying more than 10,000 units to the Chinese market a year, Dalian CRRC Container Company is relatively unknown outside its native territory.

However, that could all change, as the company sets up a special international marketing department led by Angela Zhang. She explains that the company has also expanded its already extensive range of tank containers by the addition of LNG and asphalt units, specifically aimed at the overseas market, as well as the development of similarly export- focused speciality bulk containers for grain, timber and steel coils.

A subsidiary of CRRC Qiqihar Rolling Stock Company –≠ arguably the largest manufacturer of railway freight wagons in China
– Dalian CRRC maintains a 73,800 m2 production facility within the Dalian Lvshun Economic Development Zone. Built at a cost of around CNY459m ($67.2m), the plant operates production lines for standard tank container designs, another for cryogenic gas units and a third for dry bulk systems. In 2018, the company also added a further line for the manufacturing of super-volume tank containers.

The bigger the better
While equal in length to a standard 20' unit, super-volume tank container designs eschew the traditional cylindrical barrel, employing instead an eight-sided receptacle, capped with more efficient ends to maximise the use of space within the outer frame.
Depending on the customer's
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November 12, 2020


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