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Leschaco USA Receives American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care Certification

Leschaco, Inc. USA has recently obtained the Responsible Care Certification highlighting Leschaco’s dedication for safe and sustainable work in chemical logistics operations.

Leschaco, Inc. USA has successfully obtained the Responsible Care Certification in the areas of all Environment, Health and Safety & Sustainability (EHS&S) activities associated with 3PL/Freight Forwarding, 4PL, Overland, Air Freight, Contract Logistics, and ISO Tank Containers. This marks a significant milestone and shows the deep commitment to the highest standards in safety, service, quality, and sustainability at Leschaco.
Responsible Care focuses on key guiding principles, which aim to drive safety & sustainability performance in the chemical industry. Principles such as continuously improving environmental performance, fostering a culture of safety risk management and ensuring safe transport of chemicals are also a fundamental element of Leschaco’s business strategy. It is included in every part of business activities, roles, and relationships.

Daniel Stoffler, President & CEO of Leschaco, Inc., states: “Achieving Responsible Care Certification marks a significant step forward in our journey to provide world class logistics solutions to our customers. It reaffirms our commitment to sustainable growth, responsible practices, and the highest standards of operational excellence.” He concludes: “At Leschaco, we believe that conducting business ethically and sustainably is not only a responsibility but also a core value that drives our daily operations.”

The Responsible Care Certification for Leschaco USA underscores the commitment to responsible conduct, a cornerstone for the ongoing development of the Leschaco Group, reflecting the global values of the company.
July 11, 2024


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