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Spray coatings for tanks in Antwerp cotac expands lining service

The cotac Group, as a service network of the HOYER Group, supports the global logistics provider’s integrated services for cleaning, workshops and depots. cotac’s extensive portfolio at the Antwerp site has now been expanded into the coatings area – including for new customers. cotac has long years of experience in repairing tanks and technical components by using spray-on and rubberizing coatings. Now, complete tank containers are being upgraded to special tanks by applying APC tank linings. Thus, with the cotac site in Antwerp, two specialists in Europe offer this service.

At the cotac workshop in Antwerp, a standard stainless-steel container is transformed into a tank container with a special coating for highly-corrosive products. Harry Pepels, cotac’s Director, says, “Only a few service providers offer repair facilities for these special tanks. We have already been carrying out repairs of spray-on and rubber coatings for six years. We can now offer APC tank coatings as a full-service provider. This is something special, and is in demand worldwide. We are delighted that we can expand our service offer for the HOYER Group, and are also able to offer it to new customers at the Antwerp site.”

The spray coating is applied in a three-stage process conforming to the highest standards and quality. Coating technical components rounds off the service offered by cotac. This means that the production line is fully represented by a one-stop solution in Antwerp: modification, coating and repairs can be implemented entirely at a single location.

Servicing and repair work are already long-established at the cotac site in Antwerp. The cotac Group specialifes in ISO tank containers, but also provides services for road tankers and IBCs. The offer extends from heating, cooling and cleaning to modifications and repairs. These are combined with depot services before and after-wards. According to Harry Pepels, “We are professionals in everything we do, and we design our business to be safe, secure and simple for our customers. That is our concern.” As a result of receiving approval from the material manufacturer Advanced Polymer Coatings, APC, we can now fully offer APC´s tank linings completely here, thus doubling the offer and capacities for this special service in Europe from the previous situation of one provider to the current two. This newly-arrived, first-class polymer lining technology now helps our customers to safely store, protect and transport highly corrosive chemicals.”

The full-service offer provided by cotac Antwerp is located in the immediate vicinity of the Benelux Ports and Chemical Cluster in North Rhine-Westphalia. Andreas Essinger, Executive Director Global Sales of the HOYER Group, says, “First-class material from APC, the technical experience of cotac, and the engineering and operational staff of the HOYER Group round off the comprehensive service being offered, and create added value for our customers.”

With services from a single source, and uniformly standardized quality standards, cotac ensures smooth workflows along the supply chain. Twelve global cotac sites at logistics hubs in Europe, Asia and the USA support reliable, quality-assured services relating to tank containers. cotac stands for “COmplete TAnk Care”, is regularly audited in accordance with DIN EN-ISO 9001, and undergoes various country-specific safety and quality audits. Staff training courses are standard worldwide, as are analyses and internal know-how by cotac experts about cleaning processes for a variety of products. cotac technical services guarantee the smooth, efficient, sustainable and safe transport logistics of the HOYER Group and of other customers – and do so globally.

July 2, 2024


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