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A milestone in intermodal transport: The HOYER Group and Hupac exchange their data via the DX-Intermodal KV4.0 Data Hub for the first time

Test phase successfully completed, use of data hub is now
in regular operation

By using the KV4.0 Data Hub of “DX-Intermodal” (DXI), the HOYER Group and Hupac are setting a milestone for future intermodal transport. The new data hub maps logistics process transparently and clearly across the entire intermodal transport chain: Starting with collection of the load unit from the consignor, and all the way to delivery to the consignee.
Two companies, the HOYER Group and Hupac, have used the KV4.0 Data Hub for data exchange in the past several weeks. Bookings are now sent from HOYER to the leading network operator in intermodal
transport - via interfaces defined in the former KV4.0 project - which are then retrieved for further internal processing by Hupac. Hupac makes scheduling, train movements and booking data available to other users via the KV4.0 Data Hub, and is continuously expanding the information that is provided.
Terminals, railway transport operators and other companies have also started to exchange their traffic data via DXI in recent weeks, and will thus be able to share it more easily with authorised third parties in the future. For example, this includes data on the expected pick-up time. Other status messages that occur along the intermodal transport chain will also be exchanged via the data hub in future.
Stephan Pfeiffer, Head of Application Development & Deployment of the HOYER Group, explains that, “The use of the DXI KV4.0 Data Hub service is roughly comparable to using a sat-nav in a truck. And the more information we receive from Hupac and other partners via the platform in the future, the more accurately we will be able to calculate our delivery information for our customers.”
Aldo Puglisi, Deputy Director Information Technology, Head of Digital Transformation & Cyber Security for Hupac, adds, “By using EDIGES and the standards jointly defined by the HOYER Group, Hupac and all
other partners in the former project “Digitalisation of intermodal supply chains - KV 4.0”, an important action to modernise the intermodal sector within the logistics industry, and for its future viability, has now
been successfully implemented.”
July 26, 2023


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