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Light weight composite tank containers for Peacock

Tank container leasing group Peacock Container announces the purchase of 10-off 31.000 litre
tank containers made of Composite. Peacock is the first leasing company offering these innovative light weight tanks manufactured by Tankwell in The Netherlands.

The composite swap body tanks are 25% to 40% lighter compared to conventional stainless steel tanks. The tare weight of a 31.000 litre tank container is only 2.250 kg. This results in an increased payload and less movements. Composite also provides decreased heat conductivity and gives a 40% better insulation performance. Therefore, the need for additional heating during transport or re-heating of the product can also be reduced remarkably. Furthermore the method of manufacture gives a seamless inner vessel which bears an improved clean ability of the tanks.

“In line with market developments the tanks are equipped with stainless steel valves and all the latest safety features like full walkways, a handrail and a ground operated airline. These composite swap bodies fit very well in our strategy to offer a wide assortment of (specialized) ISO tanks to our customers. And to be specific, we also see in our market the search for CO2 reduction. Peacock strategically aims to take a progressive role and tank containers made of composite answer this development” says Jesse Vermeijden, Managing Director of Peacock.

“The composite Tankwell tank containers have undergone various impact and static tests and are certified to European regulations of safe transport (ADR/RID/CSC/IMO-4). In addition, due to the chosen resin (Aliancys/DSM) the tanks are compliant with EU Food regulation, which makes them suitable to load a wide range of chemicals and food grade products. From various European clients we have already got positive feed back about this extension of our range of products, concludes Jesse Vermeijden.
May 5, 2017


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