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Weight savings and increased payload

Den Hartogh Logistics has introduced to its fleet a new type of composite tank container that reduces freight cost by 5 to 10% per trip. The containers have been developed by Tankwell, using Atlac® 5200 FC resin from Aliancys. Last year Tankwell introduced a technology for manufacturing high quality composite tank containers. Managing Director Casper Willems said: “The entire tank is made in one filament winding step, instead of the traditional method of combining separate end-caps onto a circular filament wound core. This means the wall thickness of the composite tank is lower than for comparable composite tank structures. For our tank containers an external frame is incorporated in the overall design, resulting in an assembly with excellent rigidity and mechanical integrity. The manholes, valves and auxiliary components are still standard parts in metal and are nicely integrated in the composite structure.” Commercial Director at Den Hartogh Logistics, Jacco van Holten said: “These newly designed tank containers will transport 2 metric tons of product more on every trip. Freight cost is dropping by 5 to 10% as a direct result. Together with this significant increase on payload, comes the saving on actual loading and unloading operations. More payload simply means less transport movements, less CO2 emission, less physical handlings, less congestion, less risk.” The newly constructed composite tank containers have a 40% better thermal insulation compared to stainless steel tank containers.
Jacco added: “The need for reheating of the product, prior to the customer delivery, is eliminated with these composite tank containers. This results directly in huge savings on heating costs, but also here a significant indirect effect on improved safety performance and on time delivery at the final customer is to be expected.”
September 26, 2016


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