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Africa’s at the heart of M&S Logistics

Editor Leslie McCune hears how tank container operator M&S Logistics leverages its people and uniquely African root
LM: What is the company background of M&S Logistics?
M&S: M&S Logistics is a global logistics provider of bulk liquid transport, specialising in the use of ISO intermodal tank containers. The company was founded by David Jenkins in South Africa in 1996 and is part of the Multistar group of companies.

LM: What assets and services does M&S Logistics offer?
M&S: The company has a fleet of over 8,000 tank containers offering mainly deep-sea logistics services for bulk liquids. We efficiently and safely manage shipments on a door-to-door or pier-to-pier basis.

LM: What is M&S Logistics’ global coverage?
M&S: We have offices in the US, Europe, South Africa, Singapore, Dubai in the UAE and China. We also have partnerships which regularly service Russia, Turkey, India, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Argentina and Brazil.

LM: ...and its coverage in Africa?
M&S: Our African coverage includes Mauritania, Ghana, Nigeria, Angola, South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Egypt, Tunisia,
Algeria and Morocco M&S is the only tank container operator committed to Africa with a fully ISO and CDI audited office on the continent. Being of African origin, we understand the continent and have been fully committed to it over the last 21 years ..........

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January 31, 2018


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