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It’s a matter of trust

Editor Leslie McCune discusses tank container production,
supply and demand with NTtank founder Huang Jie

LM: When was NTtank established?
HJ: NTtank was established in 2007, making this year the company’s 10th anniversary.

LM: In fiscal 2014, NTtank manufactured over 5,000 tank containers, had over 1,000 employees and sales of over $80 million. What are today’s figures?
HJ: In 2016, NTtank manufactured 5,500 tanks, had over 1,000 employees and had sales of over $70 million. The reduction in sales revenue was attributable to tank container prices being significantly lower than those in 2013 and 2014.

LM: When did NTtank start manufacturing ISO tank containers and why did it start producing them?
HJ: NTtank have been manufacturing ISO tank containers since 2008. The company was founded, and is owned, by Mr Huang Jie, who is also the President of Nantong Square Cold Chain Equipment Co., Ltd (NTSC). NTSC is therefore the parent company of NTtank and is the world’s largest freezing equipment manufacturer. It was founded in 1986 and its main products are a variety of different types of freezers and services for food industries. NTtank was founded as a result of NTSC’s extensive experience and expertise in the manufacturing of stainless steel and aluminium equipment, not least in its welding skills capabilities. NTSC also provided the capital investment to build an advanced production ........

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November 20, 2017


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