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Trifleet makes major investment in cryogenics

Trifleet Leasing, the world’s largest owner-managed tank container leasing company, is as of 2018 building up a significant cryogenic container fleet and offering a full range of related services.
Twenty 40-ft tanks with a volume of 46,000L and designed to offer superb operational capabilities have been ordered as a first batch for the planned 2018 investments.
The new business will be headed by Jaap Kuijpers Wentink (pictured). Both Trifleet and Kuijpers Wentink have around 25 years of expertise each: Trifleet as a well-established tank container lessor, and Kuijpers Wentink as an expert in the cryogenic business.
With new cryogenic tank containers that focus on LNG, Trifleet continues its sustainable business path and invests in the developing LNG market.
The company will be the technical partner for a customer’s cryogenic infrastructure. Meaning that the cryogenic business will not only offer state-of-the-art tanks, but also related services, such as cryogenic pumps, hoses, installation systems and technical advice; all based on the existing infrastructure, processes and expertise of the well-established Trifleet business.
It is the stable foothold of Trifleet combined with Kuijpers Wentink’s expertise that provides the new cryogenic business with the ability to design and develop superior tanks to enable operational advantages for customers.
The design and manufacturing of the tank containers have been commissioned to Cryovat in the Netherlands and GasCon in South Africa.
The first 40-ft containers for LNG will be available for leasing within the first quarter of 2018. The Trifleet technical team is trained to work with LNG tank containers and will have the respective global certification by the time the first tanks are leased out.
“We are combining Trifleet’s 25 years of expertise in tank containers with Jaap Kuijpers Wentink’s 25 years of cryogenic experience. Our new cryogenic business is off to a powerful start, with a substantial number of superior tanks and deep cryogenic insights, based on the wellestablished and structured Trifleet organization,” explains Philip van Rooijen, Managing Director of Trifleet Leasing.
“Building up the cryogenic business at Trifleet is like moving forward with the energy and flexibility of a startup that has the stability and professionalism of an established market player. This is the perfect match for bringing the best cryogenic tanks and services to our LNG customers,” adds Jaap Kuijpers Wentink, Director Cryogenics of Trifleet Leasing.
Prior to joining Trifleet, Kuijpers Wentink was Managing Director at Crynorm Group, a manufacturer of LNG integrated systems such as tank systems, LNG/CNG truck fueling stations, LNG Liquefaction plants, LNG bunkering systems, Marine LNG fuel systems, and vaporizers; all of which were cryogenic-related. Before that he worked as Managing Director at tank lessor Cryotainer. He started his career as Manager Chemistry at Linde Gas, part of the Linde Group. With this background, he brings a wealth of experience in the cryogenic business as well as in the cryogenic tank container and services business, to Trifleet.
As an alternative fuel for oilbased products, LNG is considered to be the most environmentally friendly fuel. In the rapidly growing gas market, there is an increasing need for transport storage capacity in the form of intermodal tank containers. And, as an alternative fuel for ships and trucks, LNG is soaring in particular. The supply of LNG requires flexible storage, which can be achieved by operational leasing.
What’s more, in view of the significant investment involved in LNG installations – of which stationary tanks are responsible for the majority of this – the need increases when it comes to turning capital expenditure into operational expenditure by leasing storage through intermodal tank containers.
April 17, 2018


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