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Logistics service provider Van den Bosch has once again received the World-class Workplace quality label in the Global category.

This independent quality label is awarded annually by research bureau Effectory for good employership. At the beginning of this year, Effectory conducted a survey among the employees of all the Van den Bosch branches. The logistics service provider scores above average compared with other internationally active organisations surveyed.

Holding the quality label in the Global category reflects well on the international course that Van den Bosch is following. Michiel van Kessel, Director Staff Services: "In 2021, we succeeded in obtaining this quality label, based on the assessment by our own employees. We are proud to have obtained the recognition again. Moreover, it’s a confirmation that the course we are set on is contributing to good employment practices and employee engagement."

Learning and development
Learning and development are of paramount importance to Van den Bosch. With its own Academy and programmes in the context of personal development, Van den Bosch never stands still. And with over 600 motivated employees, 12 branches and activities around the world, Van den Bosch is committed every day to providing a challenging and inspiring working environment. Van Kessel: "In recent years, we have worked on important matters such as the onboarding of new employees, leadership development, communication and performance management. We are now getting appreciation back from our employees."

World-class Workplace
World-class Workplace, formerly known in the Netherlands as 'Best Employers', was introduced by Effectory 15 years ago. It has since grown into the Netherlands' biggest independent quality label for good employment practices. The quality label is free and cannot be bought: organisations can only earn it through a positive assessment by their own employees.
April 25, 2023


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