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Ermewa pushes ahead its digitalisation strategy using Nexxiot Technology

Using Nexxiot’s sensor and data technology, Ermewa will add a top-leading solution to its telematics portfolio designed to better control maintenance and boost railcar availability, cargo quality and safety standards - supporting decarbonization and a modal shift to rail

Ermewa, a European leader in railcars leasing, has selected Nexxiot for the next phase of its digitalization process. With a fleet of more than 45,000 railcars (120 types), Ermewa also provides maintenance, repairs, and operations through its European network of certified workshops and partners. The Company offers solutions to decarbonize its customer’s supply chain and thus speed up the modal shift. Nexxiot’s asset monitoring technology maximizes railcar availability, service flexibility, cargo quality, and safety, through real-time data and predictive analytics.

Ermewa will integrate Nexxiot’s Asset Intelligence technology to its existing telematics portfolio. The company will now be able to use Nexxiot’s cloud for advanced real-time Asset Intelligence and detailed performance metrics around location, utilization, mileage, shocks, and other significant events that affect maintenance, transport quality and safety. Nexxiot’s existing partnership with Knorr-Bremse was a big factor in the decision. Nexxiot, as IoT technology partner to Knorr-Bremse including their North American rail freight subsidiary New York Air Brake, is a driving force behind the digitalization of train sub-systems to optimize their maintenance and ensure fleet uptime is maximized.

“Our customers are requesting increased access to railcars as part of their strategic plans to move cargo from road to rail. We commit to making sure their needs are met with efficient maintenance processes, driven by the best digital monitoring capabilities available today,” said Peter Reinshagen, Managing Director of Ermewa. “Partnering with Nexxiot enables Ermewa to offer an additional level of maintenance control that ultimately benefits our clients in terms of fleet availability and transport quality,” he went on to say.
Dr. Nicolas Lange, Chairman of the Management Board of Knorr-Bremse Rail Vehicle Systems added, “When we established the partnership with Nexxiot we were looking forward to supporting our clients to improve productivity, reliability, and safety, whilst enabling the shift to rail to accelerate decarbonization. With high-quality, live data on the condition of a range of subsystems, we will be able to manage maintenance scheduling and procedures far better, ensuring railcars spend minimal time in maintenance workshops.”

Nexxiot’s Asset Intelligence technology chosen by Ermewa consists of an interoperable ecosystem of ATEX-certified Globehopper gateways, and an intelligent Cloud that provides access to real-time data insights. The solution marks a new standard in precision for global asset mapping and has open architecture for data fusion from multiple sources, for a complete asset and fleet overview.
“We support Ermewa’s move to continue Europe’s acceleration of the ‘Digital Freight Train’ of the future,” said Stefan Kalmund, the CEO of Nexxiot. “This is an important step for the global rail industry, as it raises the bar on quality and ensures that rail transportation is responsible and optimized for maximum availability and safety, for cargo owners and supply chain stakeholders alike.”
May 5, 2023


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