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The pandemic has disrupted everything: we are all different now

Tankcontainer Magazine interviews Michael Kramer, President of market leader Stolt Tank Containers, who discusses strategy and performance
TCM: What are the global assets of Stolt Tank Containers (STC)?
MK: STC has over $320 million in assets and a fleet of more than 40,300 tank containers. We also operate a network of 22 full- service depots.

TCM: What are STC’s broad business dimensions?
MK: In 2019, STC had operating revenue of $529 million, an operating profit of $56 million and handled approximately 130,000 loaded international tank container moves. We also made a significant number of domestic moves in various locations such as China, North America, India and Australia.

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TCM: What is STC’s strategy? MK: STC will continue to focus on delivering superior customer service at the lowest cost through our global network, while increasing our focus on sustainability. We aim to strengthen STC’s competitive advantage by further digitising the business and providing value- added services in all markets, while continuing to expand geographically.
July 23, 2020


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