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Don’t spill the beer

Suttons has more than doubled the number of ISO tank containers devoted to moving Belgian craft beer to thirsty Americans, discovered James Graham

In carpentry, there is an old adage: measure twice, cut once.

Interestingly, in an intermodal tank container twist, there is a great deal of relevance to this saying.
According to Jessica Russell, marketing manager of UK-based Suttons Tankers: “As with any temperature controlled product it’s imperative that every detail is checked, double checked and then checked again, so attention to detail is incredibly important on this contract, as it is on all of the other products that we carry.

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“The wrong temperature setting, an error in paperwork or a wrong action can affect the whole consignment, so choosing the right people and partners is essential.

“Suttons strongly invests in the training of its employees and we are confident that we have the right people in the right positions. Early in the relationship we had to redefine one or two processes but these changes have allowed the operation to run smoothly and efficiently. “
July 23, 2020


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