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A tank of best, please

The world’s favourite alcoholic drink was for many centuries transported in wooden barrels. Today, stainless steel helps slake the thirst of global beer drinkers, writes JamesGraham

Beer is one of the world’s most popular drinks. Brewers and beer distributors require very specific and specialised food grade tank containers to keep the perishable product safe along the supply chain.
The market is differentiated into two main types of beer products: premium artisan or craft beers, produced in relatively small volumes at lower cost; and commodity mass-produced beers, often carrying very well-known brand names. Volumes for the latter are measured in millions of litres. Both are moved in tank containers. Connecticut-based beer importer B.United International brings European and Asian craft beers to drinkers in the United States by using seven fully temperaturecontrolled tank containers, each divided into four independent compartments holding around about 120 kegs or casks of beer. These specialised containers offer the cost-effectiveness of containerised transport for those brewers, such as De Dolle Brouwers, Thornbridge Hall and Brasserie des Franches, which would not be able to justify the use of a whole container. B.United owns seven containers, with two dedicated to Japan’s Kiuchi Brewery. They usually fill two compartments with Hitachino Nest White Ale with the remaining two compartments filled with two different Hitachino Nestbrews, says Matthias Neidhart, B.United founder. Compartment pressure and temperature matches each beer’s specific recipe, temperatures……
October 9, 2014


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