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Tailoring assets and services to needs

John Sutton, CEO of Suttons Group, discusses trends and regional differences
with Editor Leslie McCune
LM: Suttons have been on the acquisition trail. What have been the drivers of these acquisitions and what are the group’s assets now?
JS: We have been on the acquisition trail following a strategic review of the business in 2014. We subsequently acquired Imperial Tankers in the UK to consolidate our market-leading position in the chemical sector. The
acquisition positions us as the largest bulk chemical transport company in the UK, with over 700 vehicles. The integration of this business has gone well and we have now completed all the restructuring associated with
what was a major acquisition. We also acquired a trucking company in Shanghai. This was a smaller acquisition with 20 vehicles. The reason for the acquisition was to give us better control over our large domestic business in China. As the China market continued to develop, our customers wanted us to invest in top quality equipment and truck drivers to ensure that we continued to deliver the same levels of health and safety as in other parts of the world. We have a plan to double the size of this business over the next year. In Singapore, we bought a majority share in IS logistics. The logic was similar in terms of being able to offer high levels of customer service and health and safety standards.
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October 11, 2016


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