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The days of demurrage could be numbered as track and trace systems become everyday tools in the tank container sector. Wendy Pascoe reports
It will be good news for some (the customers) but bad news for operators, because tanks on demurrage increase fleet utilisation and demurrage revenues are often a significant contributor to a tank container operator’s profitability. Track and trace devices on containers are now so readily available, and accurate, that they can inform a customer or tank container operator within seconds of a tank sitting idle. Gone are the days when staff had to be sent to the furthest recesses of a distant port or depot to physically check the containers and then report back. Different time zones, the absence of email and
unreliable phone lines often meant that information on the location of tank container wasn’t available for days. Now, the information can be available in real time, 24 hours a day, via a few clicks on a keyboard. The technology offers an improved capability to manage supply chains – good news for petrochemical companies, which are delivering increasingly complex products with shorter lifecycles
and lead times to customers who are demanding faster results and more responsive service. For the track and trace customer, the key to successful business is ensuring that the product – whether it is bananas or plutonium ....................
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September 4, 2015


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