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Investing in the depots

The demand for ISO tank containers and the supporting infrastructure of tank container depots in the GCC is robust, with rising demand for both equipment and maintenance and repair services, reports
James Graham

Dubai, for instance, is an increasingly important hub for international chemical logistics trade and will soon host the new TALKE tank container depot. When completed, it will be the most technically-advanced tank container depot in the UAE. A key driver of tank container demand in the Middle East - and especially in the GCC - has been the petrochemical sector. The resulting demand for associated terminal services such as cleaning and maintainance and repair (M&R) has been met by depot operators such as Al-Barrak Group, Globe, Kanoo Terminal Services (KTS) and the Joint Tank Services (JTS). All have invested in their depots. Dammam-based Al-Barrak Logistics has invested in a tank container cleaning station at its Dammam terminal to clean and maintain ISO tank containers. The facility features a computerised control system that can be run under automatic or manual control. It is monitored 24-hours a day, either directly or remotely. The cleaning station performs several procedures including
chemical cleaning; hot pressurised water; cold pressurised water; vapour removal; tank drying; tank purging; test leaks; tank heating and steam out
Outside the facility, jet guns ................
September 4, 2015


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