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Nine months to make a wish list come true

When Crane Composites introduced its new tank cladding line three years ago, it knew the composite product would take time to catch on, writes Dan McCue
But the company also knew that history was on its side. “As with any other product on the market, people get used to their choices and fall back on time-worn options, even after something better comes along,” said Rodolfo Martinez, vice president of international sales for the Channahon, Illinois-based firm. The key was to spread the gospel of fibreglass-composite materials to an industry traditionally reliant
on aluminium tanks. But then, encouraging customers to think differently has always been one of Crane’s core objectives. Founded as Kemlite in 1954, Crane Composites is a subsidiary of Crane Co, an American industrial products company that has prospered in niche markets for 160 years. That approach - finding materials-based opportunities that others had overlooked - served founder Richard Teller Crane well, and Martinez cited many of his self-proclaimed philosophies as core values of the company today. In a statement drafted on July 4, 1855, Crane vowed to be an honest broker when it came to his customers and, in a comment that’s a telling indictment of many businessmen of his day, said he’d avoid “all deception and trickery when it came to.....................
June 16, 2015


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