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Modul’s model

Julia Nekrasova, head of Modul
Julia Nekrasova, head of Modul's tank container group
Russia’s Modul says its success is based on flexibility, innovation and, above all, understanding what is inside the tank container being moved. Felicity Landon reports

Modul likes to tell people: we are not delivering tank containers, we are delivering cargoes. It’s a philosophy that seems to encompass the Russian forwarding group’s approach to this specialist area of its business.

“We are not the owner of cargoes and we know we can’t have any influence on cargo flows. But we must react to changing demands, explore opportunities and respond to some very specific challenges,” says Julia Nekrasova, head of the tank container group at Modul.

“We need to know exactly what the cargoes are and what they are used for – that may not seem so important for logistics itself, but we prefer to understand about the cargo, because you never know when that kind of information will be useful during the journey.”

Equally, she says, it’s important to keep an eye on market developments. “If a new type of cargo appears on the market – and a lot of chemical production is being built in Russia – then that cargo will need to be delivered and the tank containers will need to be cleaned. We need to know as much as we can.”

Modul doesn’t own any tank containers, but it does own 1,500 of its own specialist rail wagons and a fleet of 130 trucks. Its tank container activities are split into two divisions – logistics and services, including cleaning, repair and inspection.

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February 27, 2020


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