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Goldilocks has left the room

Independent tank container market expert Leslie McCune sees short-term weakness in the tank container sector

The attractiveness of the tank container sector has peaked. It still, however, has attractive defensive qualities but, in stock market parlance, its rating has moved from a ‘Buy’ to a ‘Hold’.

Why the change of view? Firstly, let’s start with one of the most popular fairy tales in the English language – the story of Goldilocks, who comes across the forest home of three bears. No one is at home so she eats the three bowls of porridge she sees on the table, complaining that while one dish is too hot, and the other too cold, the third dish is ‘just right’.

The well-known children’s story has become a modern day metaphor - the three so-called Goldilocks conditions for life are the right amount of energy, a diverse array of chemical elements and the presence of liquids. In planetary astronomy, a planet orbiting its sun at just the right distance for liquid water to exist on its surface – neither too hot nor too cold – is referred to as being in the 'Goldilocks Zone'. A Goldilocks economy is one sustaining moderate economic growth and low inflation, allowing market-friendly monetary policies.

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February 27, 2020


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