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Getting the big picture

Every minute, 365 days a year, thousands, maybe millions, of signals are sent across the skies, tracking the movements of tank containers, writes Wendy Pascoe

Customers can sit in their offices in Milwaukee or Tokyo or Cape Town and watch the progress of their tank containers as they transit from port to port, crossing continents. Delayed by bad weather? They’ll know about it. An attempt to interfere with their goods? They’ll know that too. The technology behind the tracking is simple. Each container carries a unique identifier. Depending on the tracker supplier, and where in the world they are operating, signals are sent via satellite, GPS or a separate system using local GSM cells in areas where signals are lost – for example in mountainous regions or near tunnels. The retrieved data is usually accessed via a website and can be incorporated into the customer’s own ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) business process management software, allowing instant monitoring of actual inventory flow in the supply chain and supporting back office functions Intermodal Tracker, based at Breda in the Netherlands, sells a lowcost tracking system, developed in consultation with Hoyer, which was its first tank operator customer. It is also taking part in several public.........
October 9, 2014


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