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A pearl of a depot

With almost 30 years’ experience in the tank depot industry, Kerry-ITS is keen to share its expertise with new entrants, reports James Graham
As Kerry-ITS approaches its fourth decade, it claims to be Asia’s leading service provider for ISO tank containers. The Singapore based company specialises in tank cleaning and repair. At present, Kerry-ITS’s footprints
can be found in Singapore, its regional head office; Laem Chabang, Thailand; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; and Shanghai and Tianjin, China. It is part of of Kerry Logistics, one of the leading logistics service providers in Asia, with a strong focus on mainland China but operating in 40 markets. According to Ann Png, manager – Kerry-ITS corporate services, the company has no plans for further depots in Asia or other regions. However, there will be some turnkey projects to assist interested entrants to set up tank depots in their countries, especially in the rapidly growing Middle East region. She says: “The turnkey project will be a complete project, from design, depot setup to in-house training.” Kerry-ITS Singapore’s regional head office has 90 employees and an area of 10,500 sq metres, 22km from the port, and it acts as a training school for new employees and ........
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October 11, 2016


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