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Van den Bosch launches joint-venture with Aspen International

Van den Bosch has concluded a joint venture with the South African company Aspen International. With this joint venture two new sites have been opened: one in Cape Town and one in Dubai. The name of the new company is Aspen International. Aspen International will offer a full range of transport solutions to and from the South African market from the strategic hubs in Cape Town and Dubai. The main focus is on shipping liquid bulk products (food as well as chemicals) in tank containers in cooperation with Van den Bosch DMCC in Dubai. Moreover, the business includes shipping liquid bulk products in
flexitanks, palletized dry goods in 6m and 12m general purpose containers, as well as perishable goods in reefer tanks and containers. Aspen International has built up a good reputation in the reefer market in South Africa, providing an outsourced logistic solution, including freight forwarding. “Therefore it’s a deliberate choice to keep using the name Aspen International”, director Peter van den Bosch of Van den Bosch explains. “With the new hubs in Cape Town and Dubai, we want to build on the solid base which owner Gary van Niekerk and his partners have built over the past 18 years.” For Aspen International,
the joint venture offers the opportunity to expand its services with the tank container activities of Van den Bosch. Aspen International will cooperate intensively with Van den Bosch DMCC in Dubai,
for that very purpose. “The cooperation will mean a one stop shop concept with access to a wide range of transport solutions, all under one roof for our clients”, Gary van Niekerk explains. “Moreover we can also take care of the local transport handling, taking advantage of our strong intermodal network in Europe, Africa and Asia. “In this way we offer a complete door-to-door solution for the South African market.” For Van den Bosch, the cooperation is another new step ahead in the African market. “We believe in Africa’s potential and want to further develop this growth market”, Peter van den Bosch explains.
“We have built a strong network in the past few years and we are now shipping various liquid bulk goods from, to and in Africa. “Thanks to the new office in Cape Town, we will be locally represented in South Africa, so we will be able to support our clients even better in setting up and optimizing their flows of goods from and to Africa.”
July 13, 2016


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