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Van den Bosch expands cooperation to East Africa and Indian Ocean Islands

Van den Bosch will cooperate with Celero Group from now on. Through this cooperation, the logistics service provider will further expand its network connections in East Africa and the Indian Ocean.

Celero Group was established in 2009 as an independent, logistics provider. They offer a variety of freight forwarding and supply chain solutions. Their strong presence in the African and East Indian transportation sector includes employees and offices in Madagascar, Reunion Island, as well as their home base in Mauritius.

"The expansion into East Africa and the Indian Ocean islands is important for our network," explains Mark Ashton, Commercial Director of Van den Bosch DMCC. Van den Bosch DMCC is based in Dubai, from where all deep-sea shipments are coordinated, and is now among the world's largest tank operators for the food industry.

Shared vision
The collaboration with Celero focuses on liquid bulk logistics for the food industry. "The new regions in our network offer us unique opportunities in terms of supply change for liquid bulk logistics, as we establish connections with both African and European markets. In this, Celero shares our vision and core values, but also offers extensive knowledge, expertise and field experience in the region," Ashton said.

Valuable partner
Marc Dalais, Executive Chairman of Celero Group is very optimistic of the partnership with Van den Bosch: “This partnership aligns with the company’s vision and mission of adding value to people in the logistic chain.” Patrice Maury, CEO of the Celero Group, adds: “Through this cooperation, the Celero team consolidates its position as a valuable contributor in the liquid bulk logistics for the food industry as part of our overall strategic path. We are happy to count Van den Bosch as partner and we are confident that this collaboration will help in better serving our clients and stakeholders.”
September 27, 2023


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