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TT Club issues fresh guidance on tank container operation

The new StopLoss advisory from TT Club follows on from the success of TT’s tank container seminar in late last year and “further confirms the club’s commitment to provide supportive understanding for those businesses entering or on the periphery of the industry as well as established operators.

Additionally, the TT Clubcollaborated with a number of industry and technical experts to produce this new guidance focused on managing tank container risk”, it said.

The guide is aimed at all stakeholders through the tank container transport chain whether operating, filling, discharging, cleaning or handling tanks.
Informed by typical incidents, the document is structured in such a way that it follows the natural chronology of the transport
chain in order to provide ease of access.

The publication incorporates several pieces of valuable operational insight, with references to applicable regulations. In the interests of increasing the longevity of the tank as an asset, the topical subject of corrosion/pitting is extensively covered within the guidance, likely of interest to tank owners and operators.

Those who operate in the tank sector or are considering doing so will find the 13-point checklist, which aids and informs consistent and successful outcomes for tank container operations of particular interest.
November 12, 2020


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