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Trifleet the first lessor to guarantee tank container readiness and condition

Trifleet Leasing, the world’s largest owner-managed tank container leasing company, has launched the Trifleet Excellence Guarantee. The guarantee ensures the readiness of the company’s tank containers, as well as full compliance with technical specifications and repair standards. This is the first time that a tank container lessor has offered this kind of service guarantee to customers. The Excellence Guarantee will provide additional assurance about the company’s operational reliability in order to enhance customer experience. The Trifleet Excellence Guarantee covers both the On Time Delivery Target and the Zero Reject Target. With On Time Delivery, Trifleet guarantees that all newly-leased tank containers are available at the agreed date, time and location. With Zero Reject, the company guarantees that tank containers meet the requested technical specifications and the agreed-upon repair criteria. In the case that a tank container does not comply with one or both of the targets, customers will receive a bonus of 30 free rental days per tank container. “We want our clients to benefit even more from our 25 years of experience and our continuous efforts to keep our fleet in excellent condition. This is why we are now offering a Trifleet Excellence Guarantee to our customers,” explains Philip van Rooijen, Managing Director of Trifleet Leasing. “Our clients can rely on us. This guarantee ensures the worry-free pick-up of newly-leased tanks at our highly competitive lease rates.” Founded in 1990, Trifleet Leasing is the largest privately owned and owner-managed global tank container leasing company today. With more than 11,000 tank containers (excluding financial lease), the company is a global Top 5 player, with stable longterm growth. Trifleet acts within a worldwide network of offices, agents, depots and surveyors. Headquartered in Dordrecht (Main Port Rotterdam, the Netherlands), Trifleet has additional offices in Houston (USA), Singapore, Hamburg (Germany), Shanghai (China) and Paris (France). The company also has a dedicated team of exclusive agents located in Italy, Brazil, South Africa and Japan. Furthermore, Trifleet works with a global network of tank container depots. Trifleet’s tank containers are leased by the chemical, food grade and pharmaceutical industries, as well as by tank container operators and shipping lines. Trifleet leases both standard tank containers from 14,500 to 26,000 liters in size, and special tank containers such as cool tanks, swap bodies, over-wide tanks, various types of lined tanks, electrically heated tanks and so on. In addition to leasing tank containers all over the world, Trifleet also offers related services, such as Fleet Service Management. March 16, 2016


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