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Transport company digitalizes its liquid chemical goods fleet

Den Hartogh equips 750 tank containers with SAVVY® telematics

Den Hartogh Logistics, a leading logistics provider headquartered in Rotterdam (www.denhartogh.com), is equipping 750 tank containers with telematics devices developed by SAVVY® Telematic Systems, a leading telematics and sensory solutions supplier based in Schaffhausen, Switzerland (www.savvy-telematics.com). Den Hartogh is a specialist in shipping liquid goods for the chemical industry. After already equipping 300 tank containers with SAVVY® FleetTrac devices, the company is now continuing its collaboration with the telematics provider. By the end of 2022, Den Hartogh will install the SAVVY® FleetTrac devices, with their innovative sensor technology, on 750 containers. This represents a further step in the company's fleet digitalization process. In addition, it is providing customers, especially in the area of temperature-controlled logistics, an even more effective means to monitor product quality.

Monitoring temperature at a distance
Each year, Den Hartogh ships more than 5,000 different types of chemical goods, many of which require a defined temperature range, to destinations in Europe and around the world. Thanks to SAVVY® FleetTrac, the logistics provider is now in an even better position to monitor temperatures during transport and to ensure a consistently high product quality level. High-performance sensors continuously measure the temperature inside each container. This data is sent by the telematic units to the SAVVY® Synergy software portal where Den Hartogh dispatchers can access them. If, for example, the temperature of a container is not set correctly and deviates from the target range, an employee will automatically receive an alarm message. The employee is able to intervene directly at a distance by simply correcting the target value in the portal. This is transmitted to the container's heating and cooling system, which regulates the temperature accordingly. Thanks to this feature, Den Hartogh can always keep an eye on product temperatures and intervene if there are any deviations - no matter where the container is located at that point in time.

Quality assurance and documentation
"The solution does not only provide us with efficient tracking & tracing for our shipments", says Peter Boodt, technical supervisor at Den Hartogh Logistics, "but we can also monitor temperatures more comprehensively. This new quality control feature gives us an important competitive advantage. The robustness and reliability of SAVVY® FleetTrac devices also won us over completely. Last but not least, SAVVY® provided excellent support from the very beginning. We look forward to initiating the next phase and are planning to collaborate to implement other telematics innovations."

Bernhard Weiland, Customer Project Manager at SAVVY® Telematic Systems, says: "We are helping Den Hartogh ensure the required quality standards along the entire logistics process chain. Automatically generated sensor data reports also provide simple and seamless documentation. This enables Den Hartogh to always be able to inform customers at any point in time."

The telematics provider refines its solutions continuously. The new SAVVY® FleetTrac generation, scheduled to be launched on the market in 2021, combines for example a Bluetooth-Low-Energy interface (BLE) to integrate corresponding sensors with the IEEE 802.15.4 standard, a transmission protocol for wireless personal area networks (WPAN). In addition the devices support the interoperable wireless standard of the ITSS (Industrieplattform Telematik und Sensorik im Schienengüterverkehr), thereby enabling data to be exchanged regardless of the manufacturer.

October 8, 2021


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