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Nexxiot appoints ‘Head of Technical Department’

Roger Gloor
Roger Gloor
Roger Gloor to expand Nexxiot’s role as a technology leader in the safe and sustainable transportation of liquid chemicals and dangerous goods by rail and sea.
Zurich, Switzerland, April 11, 2023 – Roger Gloor is joining Nexxiot, a global TradeTech company as the new Head of Technical Department, Gloor has previously worked for intermodal logistics service provider Bertschi AG, as a proven expert for the entire value chain in tank container and dry bulk logistics.
Roger Gloor was responsible for Bertschi AG’s operations and for facilitating innovation for strategically important customers around the globe, including in Turkey, China, and along the New Silk Road with intermodal services via rail, road, and maritime to the chemical industry. Bertschi AG has a workforce of more than 3’200 employees in 38 countries.

In his most recent position as Deputy Head of Technical Department, Gloor was in charge of 42'000 tank and dry-bulk containers. Among other things, he designed and developed three types of ISO tank containers and supervised the sourcing and production of 22’000 units in cooperation with Welfit Oddy, CIMC, JJAP, SPIC, and NTtank. In 2016, his dedication to improving the safety of tank container operations was acknowledged by APAC Logistics. He was invited to the ‘Hall of Fame’ for his ISO tank container design.

Roger Gloor is President of the Association of Swiss Tank Cleaning Systems (VSTRA). The Association advocates the sustainable use of materials and resources for reduced CO2 emissions and improved sustainability.

"I am looking forward to joining Nexxiot. The global transport industry needs more digitization. The degree of digitization and transparency must improve considerably along international supply chains and among all stakeholders. Further innovations are required to increase efficiency, safety and sustainability," says Roger Gloor, defining his approach.
April 12, 2023


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