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New services for tank containers in Hamburg

Two Hamburg tank container experts have developed a new comprehensive service package.
The Hamburger Container-und Chassis-Reparatur Gesellschaft (HCCR) and container service provider CONDACO are combining their expertise and years of experience to offer all aspects of cleaning, repair and storage of tank containers to the depot at Altenwerder Damm.
The service can be booked through either partner.
“Right from the start, we want to attract customers who are looking for high-quality services for their tank containers at competitive prices. We offer them a logistically excellent location and the associated opportunity to reduce costs,” says Dr. Georg Böttner, Managing Director of HCCR.
Thorsten Dantz, general manager of CONDACO, explains: “We’re excited to present this extremely competitive offer to our customers.”
The partnership stipulates that the HHLA subsidiary HCCR will concentrate on cleaning, handling and transporting the tank containers.
The tank cleaning station at Altenwerder Damm has all the necessary technical qualifications and certifications at its disposal.
The HCCR specialists take care to provide a high-quality cleaning service in compliance with all applicable regulations, while also considering the delivery and receipt of containers via truck or train.
There is a direct connection to the HHLA Container Terminal Burchardkai (CTB), which has extensive handling and storage capacity for full and empty tank containers.
CONDACO, a specialist with many years of experience, will handle the repair of tank
containers. Modifications and other special orders can also be carried out.
The depot at the Waltershof part of the port (Altenwerder Damm) has further logistical advantages in addition to its connection to Hamburg’s largest container terminal CTB.
It is located directly at the Walterhof motorway exit onto the A7 and has a rail connection that is capable of serving an entire block train.
The storage and repair of containers of all types belongs to the core business of HCCR.
For more than 30 years, CONDACO has offered all t ypes of services for tank containers in many regions of the world.
February 6, 2018


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