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Meeberg Group Announces Partnership with Reichmuth Infrastructure for Expansion in ISO Tank Leasing

Meeberg Group is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Reichmuth Infrastructure, a leading pan-European infrastructure asset manager. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both
companies, aiming to propel Meeberg Group to new heights by enhancing its ISO tank leasing fleet and operations.

The partnership between Reichmuth Infrastructure and Meeberg Group is strategically designed to increase and diversify the ISO tank leasing fleet, taking advantage of the growing demand for efficient and sustainable bulk liquid transportation solutions globally.

Eelco van de Meeberg, CEO of Meeberg Group, expressed optimism, saying, “This strategic partnership represents a significant milestone for our Company and we are confident in our ability, together with
Reichmuth Infrastructure’s support, to capitalize on the growth opportunities within the ISO tanks industry. We are confident that this collaboration will unlock synergies that will not only bolster our operational capabilities but also bring about exciting opportunities to accelerate our expansion. We look forward to combining our strengths and collectively steering the Company towards the achievement of our shared targets, rooted in values like reliability, flexibility, trust, expertise, and unwavering commitment towards our customers.”

Reichmuth Infrastructure and Meeberg Group are set to increase and diversify the ISO tank leasing fleet, solidifying the companies' commitment to environmental sustainability. Stefan Hasenbӧhler, CEO of Reichmuth Infrastructure, expressed excitement about the venture, stating, "We are thrilled to join forces with Meeberg Group and believe in the strength of their business model. ISO tanks have emerged as one of the most environmentally friendly methods for bulk liquid transportation, and this investment aligns perfectly with our focus on fostering sustainable infrastructure solutions."

The partnership not only presents an opportunity for Meeberg Group to expand its intermodal equipment leasing footprint but also positions Reichmuth Infrastructure to grow its presence in the ISO tanks industry. Hasenbӧhler added, "We are confident in the Company’s ability to navigate and thrive in the ISO tanks industry, and we look forward to contributing to its success."
December 15, 2023


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