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MCC Tank investigates stress reduction

With the extensive use of tank containers in chemicals and petrochemicals, safety assurance is a key issue. However, stress corrosion crack (SCC) has been observed on the vessel head of tank containers in
recent years and has attracted much attention from researchers. This kind of SCC cannot be easily detected until the leakage penetrates the insulation, or until a tank container undergoes the next hydrostatic test, therefore it is difficult to prevent in advance. Together with the R&D faculty of Tianjin University, MCC Tank has recently developed an experimental method. By using, the behaviour of the SCC on the vessel head can be investigated; therefore the inner factors that cause SCCs can be determined. Hence an extra facility is applied during the process of tank manufacturing to eliminate the inner factors theoretically. MCC Tank is a wholly owned subsidiary of Metallurgical Corporation of China (MCC) which is a Fortune Global 500 company (#302 in Y2013). MCC is biggest Chinese metallurgical engineering contractor and provider of technological upgrading and reconstruction services in metallurgical engineering with a complete industrial chain in ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy.................
July 8, 2015


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