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Leschaco opens new chemical and dangerous goods warehouse in Malaysia

In Port Klang, Malaysia, Leschaco recently opened a new chemical and dangerous goods warehouse with a floor space of 120.000 sft on two levels. Within this new facility up to 13,000 pallets of chemical products and hazardous materials can be safely stored.

Contract logistics, especially for chemicals, is a fast-growing market in Malaysia. Accordingly, logistics companies that are reliable partners for transporting and storing chemicals and dangerous goods are in demand. Leschaco (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd has grown with its customers and developed into an important player for the logistics and storage of chemical products in the APAC region. A significant location advantage for the new warehouse is the proximity to the most important seaport in Malaysia in Port Klang as well as the very good connection to the international airport in Kuala Lumpur and the direct connection to the road network. "The constantly growing demand from the chemical industry made the new building urgently necessary. This investment is of great strategic importance for our existing and new customers," commented Lothar Lauszat, Managing Director of Leschaco (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

With the official launch a few weeks ago, all work to start operations including transfer of stocks is now completed. Hence, the chemicals and dangerous goods warehouse is up and running with all transport, storage and logistics services connected to Leschaco's extensive Southeast Asian network.

To provide high quality logistics services to its customers and the chemical industry, Leschaco's business requires very specific warehouse designs that must meet high standards. The state-of-the-art warehouse is therefore fully compliant with local and international EHS and DG standards, rules and regulations. In its 143-year history, Leschaco has built up expertise in handling dangerous goods and chemicals. "With this experience, we also meet our customers' growing demand for modern and scalable logistics infrastructures and can thus support them in growing in their focus markets," explains Jörg Conrad, CEO of the Leschaco Group.
January 20, 2022


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