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First Chemline global tank container summit

Advanced Polymer Coatings (APC), the company behind the high performance patented ChemLine® tank lining system for Tank Containers, recently convened its first ChemLine® Global Tank Container Summit in Avon, Ohio, USA, with its key worldwide partner applicators and APC representatives.
The purpose of the summit, according to Mr. Martin Kilroe, APC Global Tank Container Manager, was to bring together partner applicators that specialize in applying ChemLine® linings for tank containers, to ensure a consistent high quality approach that mirrors APC’s core values and quality objectives. The theme of the event was focused on “Partners in Performance.”
Mr. Kilroe explains, “At the summit, we were able to connect and build strong collaborative relationships. Each of the applicators exhibits the highest level of professionalism in their work, and they command exceptional quality in every application. They are not only passionate about their work, but also keenly familiar with our ChemLine® system.”
The summit was attended by APC personnel and principals from three application companies, each with long history in their respective markets: Amfico Agencies Pvt. Ltd, from Mumbai, India; Hüni GmbH & Co. KG, from Friedrichshafen, Germany; and Shanghai Fuchen Chemicals Co, Ltd, from Shanghai, China.
The Global Summit covered a range of industry and product topics on tank lining successes, customer and industry requirements, changing regulations, goals, worldwide marketing and promotion work, and application and quality control procedures.
There was also a review of the growing demand for specialized tank containers with high performance protective linings to carry high value corrosives and other liquids, thus generating higher revenue.
A technical review of ChemLine®’s extensive chemical resistance list illustrated how the coating can carry more than 5,000 different chemical cargoes including aggressive acids, alkalis, solvents, agricultural chemicals, and many others.
This capability is achieved by the proper heat curing of ChemLine® that results in a highly cross-linked and tightly knit coating structure, providing unprecedented chemical resistance, even at elevated temperatures. The ChemLine® coating sets up to a smooth glossy finish that is easily cleaned and decontaminated after carriage.
The Global Summit concluded with the signing of business relationship contracts between APC and the different applicator principals.
Mr. Kilroe says, “All these ChemLine® applicators share a common mission with APC to deliver high quality tank container lining results. The value message we deliver is that the excellent result is a combination of using the quality ChemLine® system, with the quality services of our applicators around surface preparation, lining application, heat curing, final inspection and spark testing, and reporting of QC reports and documentation.” He adds, “The end goal is to provide peace of mind to tank container owners, operators, lessors, tank manufacturers, agri-chem producers, and chemical companies along with an excellent lining and service warranty.”
April 17, 2018


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