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Den Hartogh Logistics adds new tank cleaning facilities to portfolio

Royal Den Hartogh Logistics has strengthened its footprint in the Nordics with the acquisition of Hedenskogs Åkeri and Hedenskogs Tankeri inGothenburg, Sweden.
With this takeover the Den Hartogh Group adds a modern facility for tank container cleaning and storage, and a new office building to its assets.
Hedenskogs Åkeri and Tankeri specialise in the transport, heating and storage of tank containers and employing a staff of thirteen. The storage depot is 10,000m2 and accommodates 150 to 200 tank container units. Steam cleaning is performed on site under strict safety policies.
The complete acquisition allows DenHartogh to improve customer service and strengthens its local network.
Fredrik Kimfors, general manager Nordics Den Hartogh, said: "Den Hartogh Nordics is in an expansion phase and through the acquisition we are now also established in an exciting region with its own home base, with
strong growth."
"The staff is the most important part of a company's success, and we have a fantastic staff. We aim to create good conditions for a future where all employees develop together with the company in a positive spirit,” added parting owner Gabriella Hedenskog.
With this addition, Den Hartogh is confident of further increasing customer satisfaction by providing steam cleaning and storage on its own premises.
September 12, 2022


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