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Customer Roadshow 2.0 at Dinges Logistics: Looking back on a successful repetition

Dinges Logistics recently held another interesting customer roadshow in Grünstadt. The company organized such an event for the first time last autumn, and the specially converted, walk-in training container, which had just been completed at that time, also made its debut. Due to the positive response to the first roadshow, the event was now repeated at the customer's request with a different group of participants.

To build on the success of the first event, the concept was largely retained and only optimized in places. Once again, the feedback from customers has been very positive. “I always enjoy coming here because the main topics are really interesting and wide-ranging. I've attended both events in several groups so far and have actually learned something new every time. We have also received nothing but positive feedback from our colleagues. In particular, the opportunity to walk through a tank container, the comprehensive expertise of the Dinges Logistics team and the chance to experience the extensive range of equipment for themselves has generated a great deal of enthusiasm. The uniqueness of the tractor units, the size and cleanliness of the site with its workshop, depot and tank cleaning facility were also topics of conversations among colleagues the next day. The roadshow provided essential information and special details, such as the differences between a tank trailer and a tank container, in a practical way,” summarizes the person who initiated the event on the customer side.

Dinges Logistics also drew a positive conclusion. “A big thank you to all the participants and to the team who helped to organize and run the roadshow. The event was once again a complete success - many informative discussions took place and we once again saw a high level of participation, which underlines the great interest shown by the attendants,” explains Michael Klopp, Chief Operating Officer at Dinges Logistics. “It was important for us to once again raise participants' awareness of the complexity of tank logistics, and we certainly succeeded in doing so.” The insights gained from the informative exchange can be used by both sides in the future to optimize cooperation and the associated processes.
May 29, 2024


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