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‘Crowning glory’ for Den Hartogh

His Majesty King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands has granted Den Hartogh Logistics the ‘Royal’ predicate.

This honourable designation is the reward for Den Hartogh’s work as a leading logistics service provider for the chemical, gas, polymer and food industry and marks our 100th Anniversary.

Group Managing Director Pieter den Hartogh said: “On behalf of all Den Hartogh employees I can say we are extremely proud to now use the designation ‘Royal’. It is both literally and figuratively the crowning glory for the work of our employees all around the world after 100 years.

“People were then and still are the backbone of our company. We have been able to evolve the past century because of our culture of entrepreneurship, facing the future and adapting ourselves accordingly. And because of our constant focus on improvement and solving challenges by coming up with answers and new logistics solutions.”

The royal family in the Netherlands has always been close to the development of the country and in particular of the economic development. For that reason the Dutch king rewards companies that are a 100 years of age or more with a special predicate giving the company the possibility to title themselves as ‘Royal’.

This predicate is not being awarded in all cases; only 45% of the companies get it since the reputation of the company and its management and shareholders must be impeccable.

The predicate ‘Royal’ was introduced in the year 1807 by the first king of the Netherlands, Louis Napoleon Bonaparte.

The king can award any company, association or institution the right to use ‘Royal’ in their name.
December 14, 2020


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