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Milestone for Tankwell

Delivered: the 100th tank container produced from composite materials by Composite Production Technology
The client for this tank container, marketed under the Tankwell brand, was Hoyer, a global market leader for the transport of liquids by road, rail and sea. According to CPT MD Casper Willems, the company was established in 2010 with the purpose of investigating the automated production of large components from composite materials, including large format pressure tanks. “The initial intention was to develop and then sell an automated production technique for these components. However, during the course of the process, we decided instead to take the next step in developing complete tank containers by producing them ourselves.
“Production was eventually started in March 2015, after our first prototypes had undergone thorough testing. Our launch customer was Hoyer, which had acted as observer and advisor. It is all the more special that we supplied our 100th composite tank container to that same company.” In attendance were Ulrich Graupe and Michael Ewert, who over the past few years supervised the entire process at CPT on behalf of Hoyer. As Michael Ewert explained: “We are particularly delighted with the performance achieved by CPT. We have seen massive growth in the bulk transport of liquids across Europe and our objective is to make sure that transport is carried more efficiently and more flexibly. “By using composite tank containers, rather than their steel counterparts, we achieve huge weight reductions and massive savings in transport costs. In November 2015, we were presented..........
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January 4, 2017


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