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Going Dutch for a silver lining

Tankcontainer Magazine talks with Sidon van Laarhoven, founder of Mega-Inliner, on the company’s innovative solution

TCM: What is a Mega-Inliner®?
SvL: A Mega-Inliner® is a patented, removable, one use, high-grade plastic liner that can be installed in a Mega-Inliner® tank container for use with non- hazardous liquids only (the patent is Dutch registration 2018765). The liquids can be transported within the range of -8ºC to 70ºC.

TCM: What advantages does a Mega-Inliner® bring?
SvL: It makes the cleaning and rinsing process for tank containers completely obsolete and eliminates any restrictions on previous loads.
A Mega-Inliner® tank container can be used for every non- hazardous liquid - shipping beer, juices, nutrition oils, latex, egg yolk, dairy after each other is no problem. It guarantees protection from cross-contamination, oxidation, saturation and desaturation of the cargo. It also makes logistics more efficient by avoiding the need to make empty return journeys due to prior cargo restrictions.

TCM: What is Mega-Inliner Systems B.V.’s company background and what is the background of the people involved?
SvL: Mega-Inliner Systems B.V. is an innovative company founded ......
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April 18, 2019


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