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STG CEA Maria Surina
STG CEA Maria Surina
Russia's Spectransgarant continues to expand its fleet, scope and capabilities while broadening its national and international footprint. Brian Dixon reports

With a national market share of around 46 per cent, Moscow-headquartered Spectransgarant (STG) claims to be both the oldest and largest domestic tank container operator in Russia.

"The history of our company began with gas tank containers," explains STG CEO Maria Surina (pictured). "With the development of the Russian tank container transportation market, we began to expand our fleet and acquired equipment for the transportation of chemicals and food cargoes. Now we have in operation tank containers of various types that allow us to transport a large range of goods and thereby fully satisfy customer requests."

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Breaking this down, she reveals that STG currently operates 3,550 tank containers for chemical consignments, a further 1,750 for gases and around 100 food-grade units, with the company's fleet growing at a rate of around 10 per cent a year.

"We regularly analyse the market, evaluate demand, determine development vectors for the near future and adapt to the needs of customers, increasing different types of tank containers in our fleet," she reports. "So far, tank containers for transporting food cargoes [comprise] the smallest share, but we hope that this segment will begin to develop more actively."
February 27, 2020


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