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CE ready to test the water

Angelo Scorza profiles Chemical Express, a Naples-based tank container pioneer, set up with a small haulage fleet in 1979 by the now retired Salvatore Romano

Salvatore’s sons, Vincenzo and Ciro, understood that haulage had an intermodal future and in 1995 bought the first tank container. In 2013, management repackaged the transport activities within the new Chemical Express Srl (CE). Current CEO Giuseppe Avallone represents the third generation and has set the new company’s mission to be ‘the transport of tanked liquid chemicals on behalf of third parties’.
Carried goods range from standard commodities to highly specialised products with high added value. These include dangerous goods, handled under the class labels 3–4.1–5.1–6.1–8–9. As well as transport, CE offers other services. These include the rental of the company’s own tank containers and the transport of cargoes under controlled temperature. The latter is achieved by the use of self-regulating vehicles or by warming the cargo at specialised service stations by means of damp or hot water. “The added-value marking out our services is the ability to meet their needs by always looking for the best solution even within strict deadlines. This builds up business relations and makes of us true logistics partners for our customers,” explains Avallone. The fleet has 100 road trucks. These are equipped with the most
advanced anti-pollution controls, active and passive safety systems and satellite tracing. The fleet ........

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February 12, 2016


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