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A one-stop Moose

Dutch entrepreneur Frank Van de Moosdijk demonstrates the added value gained by keeping it small, reports Janny Kok

Frank Van de Moosdijk must have a creative mind. When he started his tank container business in 2017 he juggled with the idea for a
company name: it had to be Moose Tank Parts.
The name stands for a one-stop shop in the wider sense of the notion.
“We offer a wide product range of over 6,000 different articles, such as box container parts, couples and connectors, made-to measure handrails and many
more. The latest is the manlid cover.”
Van de Moosdijk is certainly experienced – he started his career in the metal industry 20 years ago. He specialises in metalworking and in high-sheen polished stainless steel work, ranging from 1 to 1.5 mm thick.
Fellow craftsmen and experts know that this is careful and precision work.
Today, his Moose Tank Parts customers can rely on being served by a mechanical engineer with an over 16 years of experience in the tank container business.
Over his time in the business, Van de Moosdijk has built up a wide international network of customers. He likes to visit customers and business relations in countries worldwide, to learn about specific requirements of
products people in the business may have.
“At times it is quite a challenge, as each country will have its own way of doing things, its climate and legislation ........
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May 14, 2018


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