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HOYER Group developing new ways to transport food

The HOYER Group has one of the biggest fleets of foodstuff tank containers in the sector. Experts in the company’s own ranks constantly set new standards by developing container technologies and log [...]
November 12, 2020 8:29 am

Port of Antwerp aims to further reduce CO2 emissions

Port of Antwerp is taking yet another important step in the transition to a sustainable, lower emissions port.

Eight leading players in the port area – Air Liquide, BASF, Borealis, IN [...]
April 7, 2020 12:07 pm

Moose Tank Parts B.V. is growing rapidly

Frank van de Moosdijk, founder and CEO
A spokesman for the firm said: "Due to the supply and demand we moved to a bigger facility. We are a one-stop shop supplier in parts for tank containers, tank trucks, box containers and the Chemical p [...]
April 7, 2020 11:48 am