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ECTA Drivers APP – Launch of Native APP “Give Drivers a Voice!”

ECTA launches its ECTA Drivers APP as a second format: Native APP to download for IOS and Android. This second format aims to make the rating for truck drivers even faster, easier and more convenient!

ECTA´s aim for the ECTA Drivers APP:
In Fall 2023 ECTA released its ECTA Drivers APP as web-based APP to let truck drivers rate their daily experiences at (un)loading locations of the chemical industry across Europe. With that hands-on initiative ECTA and its members follow the goal to improve the job attractiveness and work conditions of drivers of the chemical industry.
“We want to give Drivers a voice.” ECTA Board of Directors
ECTA Drivers APP improvements since the very beginning
Thanks to the positive feedback of registered truck drivers, the APP was updated and adapted continuously since the very beginning.
Over time, even new rating categories/methods/locations were added:
- Open text field for additional comments
- Checkbox, if a location is lady-friendly
- Terminals were added as locations to rate
ECTA did the next step forward and released its APP in the App Stores for IOS and Google to make the usage for drivers faster, easier and even more convenient!
Numbers and partners of the ECTA Drivers APP
 Almost 1000 locations across Europe can be rated
 1300+ drivers are registered to the ECTA Drivers APP
 Drivers can rate safety, waiting time, truck driver treatment and facilities and provide information if a location is lady-friendly
Over the last month, ECTA furthermore inspired parties of the chemical industry to join the ECTA Drivers APP as cooperation partners. So far, a handful of big players agreed to support the initiative by providing posters and information material at their sites, as they see the benefit for drivers and agree that the improvement of work conditions for truck drivers as a common industry-effort.
July 2, 2024


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