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First class Third Coast

Grif Carnes, VP and General Manager of US-based Third Coast Terminals, and Martin Staley, VP Europe, Middle East and Africa for Third Coast International share the company’s global growth story
with Editor Leslie McCune

LM: How and why was Third Coast set up?
GC: Houston-headquartered Third Coast International is a global network of affiliated companies providing contract manufacturing and terminal services to customers in the oil and gas sector. When the company was set up in the mid-1980’s it had its origins in the lubricants industry, manufacturing and packaging motor oils, antifreeze and brake fluids. In the 1990’s, the company made a strategic move into bulk liquid storage, blending and terminal facilities for chemicals for third parties. We have developed a solid reputation as a versatile and ‘can do’ partner within the chemicals industry over the years and are also a regular user of tank containers at our facilities in the US, Qatar and Singapore.

LM: What is the company’s focus?
GC: The company focuses on providing multinational chemical producers with supply chain services and assets such as storage, blending, packaging, transloading, contract manufacturing and related activities. In effect, we ........

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February 12, 2016


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