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Client wishes and standard solutions

On the 5th anniversary of Tankcontainer Magazine, we invited some of the industry’s most influential players to share their views on progress over the past five years, while looking forward to the next five years. This issue hears the views of Philip van Rooijen, Managing Director of Trifleet, the world's largest owner-managed lessor.

The chemical industry has constantly improved reliability and efficiencies throughout its supply chain. Studies, such as the one from Kompetenzgruppe Chemielogistik in July 2017, show a logistics cost-share of 3 to 12% of total sales revenues, while up to 20% may occur.

Besides efficiency, ensuring environmentally-responsible transport and handling of chemicals, in full accordance with regulations, is critically important as well. This impacts heavily on the industry’s image and reputation.

Tank containers did a superb job, which was an important reason for their success story. Safe, efficient and sustainable transportation has been the focus of our clients for many years, and it comes as no surprise that this will continue.

Our clients will not just continue ... to read the rest of this feature please visit https://www.tankcontainermedia.com/subscribe/
July 25, 2019


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